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Strictly 2017: Week 1

I'm so excited about this post! As you may know, the whole reason that I started Strictly Monday was so that I would be able to write about each dance after every show like I've wanted to do for a few years now and this year, I can FINALLY do it! I fancy myself a little bit of an armchair judge and when Len left, I 100% thought I could replace him😂 I'm going to quickly discuss every dance and give it a mark out of 10.

Gemma and Aljaz - 5
I really think Gemma struggled with the quicker leg movements, it's almost as if she couldn't move her feet fast enough so she kind of shuffled a bit, that's the only way I can describe it but I think that she did a great job considering she was opening the entire series and I think that she will be one to watch in a couple of weeks.

Brian and Amy - 4
I don't really think this dance suited Brian because he's such a joker but I think that he acted it well and they had good body contact throughout most of the dance but …
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Review: The Birdhouse Calligraphy

I saw a tweet by Louise from Birdhouse Calligraphy looking for bloggers who were interested in handmade things and as you may know, I also run a craft business so I decided to reply with my email address and I received an email from Louise asking if I would be willing to share her work on my blog. Now, I understand how difficult it can be to get your name out there and make your products known so after taking a look at Louise's Etsy shop, I had to share her work with you because it's gorgeous!

Everything is hand drawn when ordered as it's more unique and personal, Louise doesn't do digital prints like a lot of people do as she likes it to be hand drawn and I have to agree! Louise specialises in inspirational quotes which are perfect for framing either for your own home or as gifts for weddings, anniversaries, new home, birthdays etc. She has also started a card range for different occasions. If you're after something specific, Louise also does custom orders so the…

Every Country I've Been To

I've been lucky enough to go on lots of holidays in my life, from beach holidays to cruises so I thought I would make a list of every country I've been to and try and include a picture from each place (if I can find one). P.S: I appologise for the quality on some of these pictures but lots of them are old/taken on an old phone.





Impromptu News Post

So, today I wanted to tell you about my week because it's been the best I've had for a long time.

On Monday and Tuesday, I was baking all day because on Wednesday I catered an afternoon tea for my gran and grandpa's church and it went SO WELL! Everything tasted amazing and next week (I'm hoping) I'm going to be telling you what I made and giving you the recipes so keep your eyes peeled for that!

My afternoon tea went so well yeaterday🍰 #cake #food #sandwiches #chocolate #cupcake #cookies #afternoontea #yummy #firstsoloevent A post shared by em ❤ (@xemstagramxo) on Sep 21, 2017 at 12:36am PDT
Also, on Wednesday, tickets for the Strictly 2018 tour were released and my mam gets me them every year for Christmas and has done for the last few years so, at 7.50AM, I was ready at my computer waiting for 8AM when they went on sale and I got some! Then, at 9.50AM, I was waiting at the computer again because Kevin and Karen Clifton's 2018 tour tickets came out and I got …